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Could not imagine taking OR exam without help like this
"I moved here as a practicing licensed LMT from another state and I was completely intimidated by the OBMT practical exam. Brandon helped to demystify the exam and make it approachable and understandable to me. With lots of practice and study on my part I passed the exam like a cakewalk. Brandon is a real blessing!"

I Passed!!!

I was an out of state applicant and I'm sure I would have not passed without Brandon's help. I highly recommend taking the mock test and spending an hour just letting him go over everything with you! Thank you Brandon! I also recommend going at least a week, if not more, before you're scheduled test to take the mock test.


Brandon is a lifesaver!

I moved to Oregon upon completion of school knowing that I had some tests to take, but I had no idea how much preparation would be required. I met with Brandon a few weeks before my test and he gave me everything I needed to know, and he far exceeded my expectations. Because of him, I scored a 96%. I would highly recommend Oregon Massage Prep to anyone who is planning on taking the OBMT practical exam. Keep up the great work, Brandon


I Passed!

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help with the test. I passed! Without the knowledge you gave me I wouldn't have passed. Thanks again!


Extremely Helpful

Brandon Saggio’s Oregon massage prep is a must for anyone that is from out of state, or is unsure that they could pass the Oregon Practical Exam. The study tips and videos are extremely helpful to prepare for the exam. The videos took away the fear of drawing out the muscles and the study tips reduce the pressure of memorization of muscle locations. The gold membership is worth every penny spent for an hour of one on one with Brandon. Brandon is an insightful person and has an encouraging spirit.



As a member of Brandon's OR Massage Prep you will gain access to everything you need to easily pass the OR Massage Practical on your first time.  His one-on-one instruction, mock practical, phone consultation, videos and written materials give you the specific, required knowledge.  All of it is so precise with his muscle tracing and passive action videos being particularly amazing!!  They are so easy to view and understand being absolutely critical in passing Kinesiology.


Sadly, I wasted $100 and a lot of time by taking both 4-hr Massage Prep Courses offered by OSM.  I moved from CA to OR and initially did not discover Brandon and OR Massage Prep.  Thank goodness I found him later on the internet still feeling very confused and under prepared after my OSM experience.  But, better late than never....


There is absolutely no way I would have passed, let alone with my 91% overall score, without Brandon's personal instruction and web information.  He offers a wealth of information at such an affordable, reasonable price.  And, I can't say this enough - it is exactly all of the info you need to know, not more and not less.  It is presented clearly in a very organized format. 


Plus, he is an excellent teacher being very knowledgeable, patient and accommodating.  I live in Cannon Beach, and he went out of his way to work with my schedule and make the most out of my 3-1/2-hr round trip to see him.  I am forever grateful!  Thank you Brandon so very much!!


A Priceless Experience for the worried and Nervous!

I came to Brandon with a long list of questions i.e. How do we trace the illiacus? How do we demonstrate pelvic tilt on the client? Brandon sat with me and went through every question. After going through the mock practical, I feel 100x more confident going in to this exam. Thank you SO MUCH, Brandon! :) 


Brandon helped me reach my full potential!

Brandon was so knowledgeable. He answered all my questions. I studied for 6 months before flying to Oregon for the test. In 2 hours Brandon helped me plug all the holes in my strategy. I passed with a 92. A score I am sure I would not have come close to without his help. An hour with Brandon is a must if you are taking this test.



Brandon answered all of my questions and gave me study tips for the practical. I am much more confident in my chances now!


I would have FAILED without Brandon's help! 

With 2.5 half weeks until my state board practical, Brandon prepared me to pass with an 86% score! He gave me the tools and advice to pass. I actually failed my mock practical only a few days before the exam. Brandon told me what my weak parts are and I corrected them in 48 hours going on to pass the state practical with flying colors! Thanks Brandon! Without Brandon's help, I would have surely failed the state practical like the majority of out of state students.



Brandon really helped me with my boards. I'm out of state and would have no clue without his help. Highly recommend anyone from out of state to schedule a visit with him a few days prior to your test! We really have no idea what we're getting into and he really clears everything up and helps you with your weak spots!

-Jennifer C

If you're truly committed to pursuing your passion this experience is worth taking seriously. Brandon has taken the time to dedicate himself to a program that not only raises the bar in massage therapy licensing, but teaches you about your strengths and weaknesses. He and his team are there to offer helpful feedback and support to ensure that you are prepared and confident for your Oregon State Board practical. Thanks for all you do, it is much appreciated!



 I know I did a millions times better then I would've without your help!! You really are awesome at what you do!


Brandon has given his students all of the necessary tips and tools to complete the state board like a pro. I felt prepared but overwhelmed approaching my mock practical. He was very professional throughout the entirety of the exam and it felt very close to the real thing. I passed with a great score and am more than ready to continue on to the state practical. Thank you, Brandon for your dedication and extra time you put aside to do these exams to prepare the rest of us!

- Melissa 

Thank you so much Brandon! I think this was a vital part in preparing me to take the actual practical. I would recommend this mock practical to anyone. I was so stinking nervous during the mock practical, I was sure I was going to fail the actual practical. I just got done taking the state practical and your test was extremely close to what actually happened. I don't think you could have made a better mock practical. I am pretty sure I passed. Ill know in a week or so! Thanks again.

I believe that the preparation through Oregon Massage Prep really helps to truly understand what is waiting for you in the licensing process. It showed me my weak points in the testing settings and helped me understand what I need to focus on to improve myself. You were really great at being a real character of  aboard member. I am very grateful for that experience. Thank you!

It is essential to prepare yourself as much as possible for state boards. Brandon's mock practicals are made to review muscles and mentally prepare you for the next step in getting your Massage License. After prepping with Brandon I am ready to begin a new chapter in my life. Thank you Brandon for all of your advice and skills that you have shared.


Very professional with excellent feedback and tips to help you focus on areas that need work. I am looking at the Boards with greater confidence now that I've been through the mock practical.


I took Brandon's massage Board prep about a week before my scheduled practical and it was a great wake up call for me. It refreshed me on what I needed to know and study for the exam and I don't think I could have passed without taking his mock practical.



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